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Live European Roulette

About Live European Roulette

If you’re looking for something a little different to play on a casino site, why not check out the live games scene? This is where you’ll find Live European Roulette – one of the top games in the live casino world.

Live European Roulette is unique in that instead of playing by yourself, you play with several other players online, with live footage of a real dealer spinning a wheel. The social atmosphere is what really sells this game! Sometimes the dealer might even tell anecdotes about other players, previous jackpots, or maybe even tell a joke or two.

A nice feature is that you can also change the camera angle. You could have a wide shot of the dealer and the wheel or just a static shot of the spinning reel – it’s up to you. If you enjoyed this game why not check out a similar game like Live Poker.

How to play

The goal of Live European Roulette is to wager on where you think the ball will land once the reels have stopped spinning. Controls include selecting a chip size, clicking on a section of the board that you wish to wager on, then hitting CONFIRM BET.

The chips themselves range in size from 50p to £100 and each section of the board has a different limit to the minimum and maximum wager amounts. For example, a single number bet has a minimum of 50p and a maximum of £10; the 12 split section has the same minimum, but its max level is £100; the red/black and odd/even sections have a maximum bet limit of £150.

This game comes with an option to view where other players are placing the chips, and you can also see what numbers have been ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ in previous games. You have the option to re-bet if you want to stick to the one strategy, or you can clear your bets if you made a mistake using CLEAR BETS.

Ways to Wager

One of the bonuses to Roulette is that there’s a huge variety of different ways for you to wager. You can bet on the ball landing on odd/even numbers, black/red, or set it on three sets of 12 splits. You can even hover over the roulette table itself to pick either a single number, or up to three of its surrounding neighbours in one bet. If you’re a bit undecided and no numbers seem to be catching your attention, you can also opt to bet on either the high 18 or low 18 numbers.


A great feature of roulette is that each area has different return odds on winnings. For example, a straight has odds of 35:1, splits are 17:1, three lines are 11:1 and corners are 8:1. If you land a six line, you’ll have 5:1 odds; then it’s 2:1 on columns and dozens; red/black and evens/odds only have odds of 1:1.