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Automatic European Roulette

About Automatic European Roulette

If you want to try a new form of social table games but don’t like the publicity of live games, then fear not! There are also some great automated versions available – and Automatic European Roulette is a prime example!

Automatic European Roulette behaves in relatively the same way as a live roulette game, but instead of a real person spinning the wheels and interacting with the players, you’re given a computer dealer. It’s still just as fun as the live version, as you can happily chat away to the other players in the chat room. If you enjoyed this game why not check all the other great types of roulette available on Total Gold!

How to Play

Automatic European Roulette behaves the same way as an ordinary game of roulette in that the goal is to bet where you predict the ball will stop when the reels have finished spinning. The game will spin the reel regularly to keep gameplay flowing and the winning number from that spin will be announced to the room.

Game controls are easy as all you have to do is select the chip size you want to use. The chips themselves range in size from 50p to £100. Select your chip, then place it on an area of the board you feel happy wagering on. Be careful though, as each section of the board has a different minimum and maximum wager size allowed on it.

The single numbers have a minimum of 50p and a maximum of £10, while the 12 splits also have a minimum of 50p but a maximum of £100. If you bet on it being red or black, odd or even, the maximum is £150. Once you’re happy with your wager hit CONFIRM BET to make it official.

You have the option to view other players’ bets too, plus you can see what numbers have been declared HOT or COLD. You can also automatically double up all your placed chips using the DOUBLE ALL BETS button.

Ways to Wager

The best thing about roulette is the different ways to wager. You can bet on the small ball stopping on a red or black number, odds or evens, or even put it on 12 splits. There’s also an option to wager on the higher 18 or lower 18 numbers on the board, if you’re feeling indecisive. You even have the freedom to bet on any single number.

The Odds

One quirky feature of roulette is that each section on the board has different odds on returns if you win. A straight has return odds of 35:1, a split has 17:1, three lines gets 11:1 and a corner gets 8:1. If you get six lines you’ll have odds of 5:1, 2:1 on a column or a dozen, and 1:1 on red/black and odds/evens.