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Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch

About Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch

Ever felt the sudden, inexplicable urge to go on an adventure, raiding ancient tombs in search of hidden treasures? If so, Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch might just be the game for you!

Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch manages to mix some pretty interesting game modes. Unlike other scratch card games it offers not one, not two, but FIVE different cards to play across. You have many chances to win in this absolutely brilliant scratch card!

The Egyptian design to this game is great – gigantic ancient pyramids loom out of the background and an intricately designed sarcophagus rests next to the reels, tempting you to open it. Its blending of these fun mechanics and beautiful style makes this game a must-play for any scratch card fan.

How to Play

Pharaoh’s Luck Multi Scratch is incredibly easy to play. It might look a little complicated at first, because there are lots of windows - but they all behave like an ordinary scratch card game, albeit with a few unique bonuses thrown in.

Players can alter their bet amount from as low as 50p per card or as high as £10 if you’re feeling lucky! Once you’re ready to go just hit BUY TICKET to start a round. You have the option of scratching off every single ticket manually or you could opt for the SCRATCH ALL or AUTO PLAY options, which will scratch the cards off for you at once or automatically.

Match and Win

The match and win section of the cards has four rows and is the same as any ordinary scratch card game – you have to match 3 symbols in a row inside the boxes. Once you’ve managed to match 3 symbols, you can scratch the prize section to see what you’ve won!

Fast Cash

This card is perhaps the easiest! You only have to scratch off 2 spaces to try and match the 2 symbols you’ll uncover. Like the name suggests, this is how to get cash fast.

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms gameplay involves scratching off the lucky charm sections and matching 1 of the 2 symbols underneath to any of the charms in the subsequent 8 squares beneath them.

Heads or Tails

This round acts the same way as the fast cash round – all you have to do is scratch off the 2 coin squares and try and uncover 2 matching symbols.

Pharaoh’s Jackpot

Pharaoh’s jackpot is possibly the best thing about this game, as the jackpot can sometimes reach into the thousands, or even hundreds of thousands! Gameplay for this brilliant section involves scratching off 2 symbols and hoping they match. Fingers crossed!