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Jackpot 15 Keno Game


Keno is one of those games that is not only incredibly relaxing, but also slightly cathartic as you sit and methodically choose a series of numbers from a list. It is a welcome break from all those slot games that require you to constantly vary between stake sizes and paylines. Jackpot 15 Keno is one of the best examples of a great Keno game as it’s got a rather nice trick up its sleeve that makes it different from the other Keno games!

Jackpot 15 Keno is an incredibly fun and entertaining game. For those not familiar with the game of Keno, the goal is to pick a random selection of 15 numbers on a board in front of you that you think the balls inside the machine will land on. Although, what makes this game unique from other Keno games is that instead of 15 balls being used, Jackpot 15 Keno uses a rather generous 20 balls. A good strategy for this game is to apply a scattergun method and try and cover as wide an area as possible so you’ll hit more balls.

Featuring a fantastic space age theme, the Keno machine itself looks almost like it’s been ripped straight out of a space ship and planted in front of you. The metallic, almost mirror like sheen it gives off gives it nice immersive feeling. Plus watching the balls inside the machine bounce around is oddly mesmerising. If you enjoyed this game, why not check out others like Captain Keno.

How to Play

Gameplay in Jackpot 15 is incredibly simple. Wagers can set as low as 0.50 pence or as high as £300 per turn. To change this amount just simply use the up and down arrows next to the ‘Stake’ option to increase or decrease the amount to cater to your betting budget.

A great feature about this game is that the more you wager, the larger your win return will be. For example, if you wagered the basic stake of just 0.50 pence, the smallest payout you’ll receive from this bet will be 0.25 pence, whilst the largest pay return will be £5,000. But, when you wager the top amount of £300 per spin, the minimum amount you’ll receive is £150, whilst the maximum payout is an absolutely staggering £30,000.

You can only bet on seven spaces when you use the maximum wager amount – as your stake begins to exceed £10, the number of spaces you can bet on starts to decrease. But on the plus side, this keno game has an output of 20 balls, so there is a greater chance for you to hit a large jackpot.

Once you’ve selected your desired amount, just hit ‘Submit’ to start your game. The biggest jackpot you can get from this game is £100,000, to be in with a chance of hitting this you simply make your minimum stake of £10 and play all fifteen numbers.

A nice addition to this game is that it can select a random 15 numbers for you if you’re not sure about what numbers to play with. Plus if you don’t like the selection you’re given, just hit ‘Reset’ and then ‘Random 15’ for it to pick another set for you. For those that find gameplay to be too slow, just hit ‘Turbo’ to send the balls out onto the board at hypersonic speeds.