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Hollywood Stars Online Game

About Hollywood Stars

Do you fancy a bit of glamour that will have you feeling like a true VIP? Then look no further than the Hollywood Stars game! Get your killer heels and best frock at the ready, as you can expect some red carpet treatment in this game.

You’ll feel like you’re attending a hot premiere when launching Hollywood Stars (although we can’t promise that you’ll meet a handsome leading man or lady). You’ll be confronted with all kinds of symbols that you associate with a glam Hollywood affair. There are glossy magazines, awards and of course the obligatory bottle of champagne! You will even find the Hollywood sign in the background. If this game fits in with your expensive tastes you may also like Filthy Rich.

How to Play Hollywood Stars

The aim of the game is to try and reveal 3 matching symbols. You will initially be prompted to choose your stake value, which you can do by using the up and down arrows to the right of the STAKE meter and then simply hit PLAY to get things going.

After this you will be presented with 6 Hollywood Stars. You can either opt to click on each one individually to reveal a symbol, or else you can hit REVEAL ALL to reveal them all at once, if you simply can’t wait to see what’s behind them. There are some cool sound effects such as the paparazzi taking your photo (get ready for your close up), which you can turn on and off at your leisure.

Lucky Symbol

The Lucky Symbol is very aptly named as it will definitely give you some extra luck. If your lucky symbol matches that of any of the other squares then you will win a special cash prize.