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Captain Keno


Superhero based games are definitely on the rise! Most cover the Marvel series because of the recent successful line of films. Finally – superheroes are part of normal culture! This has lead to the creation of various spin-off heroes…heroes like Captain Keno!

Captain Keno is an incredibly entertaining game that involves playing Kendo, a mode whereby players choose a selection of numbers on a board that they think a random series of 15 balls will land on. Captain Keno is a great example of this, featuring a fascinating comic book style!

The Captain himself sits behind the table of numbers, idly spinning large balls of energy that are used as the number balls in this game. The overall design makes it seem like the good Captain could appear alongside other comic book greats like Batman or Superman. Mix in the heroic music that plays constantly in the browser background and you’ve got yourself one pretty great game. If you enjoyed this superhero themed game or you’re a fan of the Keno genre of gaming, then why not check out Cappuccino Keno?

How to play

Captain Keno wagers can be set as low as 0.50 pence or as high as £300.00 per round. One of the interesting things about this game is that the larger your stake, the bigger the payout you’ll receive for every set of matching numbers. For example: at the minimum stake of 0.50 pence the minimum payout is 0.25 pence and the maximum is an impressive £10,000; but set the wager to £300 and the minimum payout is £150, whilst the maximum is a jaw-dropping £100,000. The minimum amount of matching numbers you have to hit to win a cash prize is 3, so just hope you chose the right selection of numbers before you hit ‘Submit’ to begin!

Once it commences, the spinning globes of energy around Captain Kendo will show off a variety of different numbers when they pass his mighty fist. The corresponding numbers will then light up on the board – if the number is red then it’s not a match, but if it’s green then you picked right!

There’s a helpful ‘Auto Pick’ and ‘Auto Play’ option that will select various numbers and different number amounts for you. The numbers being selected can be changed using the up and down arrows next to the ‘Auto Pick’ option – you can pick just 1 ball or all 15. If you don’t like the selection of numbers you were given, just hit ‘Reset’ to clear the board and make it choose another set.

The ‘Auto Play’ function will run the game for a set number of turns. Also, if you find the game too slow, you can just hit the ‘Turbo’ button for the game to run at incredible speed!