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Cappuccino Keno


There are not enough games that celebrate how handy coffee mornings are! That 5-minute break where you get your caffeine fix into your system, early in the morning, allowing you to function for the rest of the day. One game that celebrates it, though, is Cappuccino Keno!

Cappuccino Keno is an extremely fun and incredibly entertaining game. The goal of the game is to pick a series of numbers on a board and then hope that the 15 random numbers that the games draw machine pulls out will match the ones on your board. Depending on how many you match up correctly, a specific win amount will then be awarded to you.

Cappuccino Keno features pleasant and relaxing music, putting you in that calm, morning-coffee mood – that point where you’re slowly waking up to begin your day proper. The art style is brilliant, with a large coffee bean grinder standing in as both paytable and source of the number balls. The balls themselves then spill into an intricately designed mug that serves to display the various numbers. Even the table has an almost chocolate appearance, as if you were meant to eat it along with your morning Cappuccino. If you enjoyed this game, why not check out similar games like Jackpot 15 Keno.

How to Play

The lowest amount you can wager is 0.50 pence and the highest is £300. A handy addition to the Keno games is that the size of the payout is directly influenced by the amount being wagered, so say you were to bet 0.50 pence, your maximum payout would then be £10,000. But if you were to go all out and bet £300, the maximum return you could get would be £100,000.

To get the maximum win amount, you’d have to be lucky enough to get all 15 numbers to match their respective balls. However, you’ll still receive a minimum payout if you match 3 numbers, so you’re still likely to win some money on every round.

To start the game you just hit ‘Submit’! From there a series of coffee beans will drop into the onscreen Cappuccino cup. For every bean that breaks the surface a number will appear – these are then matched against the ones you’ve chosen on the board and a subsequent cash award is applied to your account.

This games comes with a helpful pair of Auto Play and Auto Pick functions to help you speed up your game. The Auto Pick will select a random series of fifteen numbers for you if you’re unsure what to choose; and if you don’t like its selection, simply hit ‘reset’ to wipe the slate clean and choose again. The Auto Play function will run the game for a set number of turns for you – though if the game isn’t going fast enough for your liking, hit the ‘Espresso’ button to add a bit of pep to your play!

To alter the amount being wagered, the number of turns the Auto Play mode will run for, and how many numbers the Auto Pick will choose for you, just use the onscreen up and down arrows next to each option. These buttons will increase or decrease the amount to fit your betting budget.