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Big Top Bucks Scratch Card

About Big Top Bucks

This game is aptly named; firstly because you can win top bucks (hooray!) and also because you get to relive the fun of the big top at the circus while you’re at it! This instant thrill scratch card proves a winning combination – hopefully that’s something you’ll manage to get too when you roll up for this circus adventure.

There’s no clowning around with this game – Big Top Bucks is sleek and simple, with easy-to-play scratch off panels and vibrant circus backdrop. Aside from the big top itself in a sunny, grassy meadow, the high-quality graphics display intricately designed circus symbols on each panel. In addition to this, the way the scratch cards are revealed is amusing and revealed in true circus style. Instead of your usual self-scratch panels, each card is revealed like the next performing act, with a big red curtain reveal!

The game is not only visually endearing, but it has also been designed with functionality in mind. For example, the paytable is always conveniently visible on the bottom left of the screen, so you know exactly what you’re playing for at all times! If you like slots with animals, or remember enjoying the fun of the fair, then there are a whole host of other games you can enjoy once you’ve won your Big Top Bucks, like Fluffy Friends.

How to Play

You don’t need to be a lion tamer or an acrobat to perform well with Big Top Bucks – it’s really simple to play! Tickets are fixed at 25p per panel, so you don’t need to worry about changing wagers or trying to calculate your estimated winnings when you change your stake amount. All you have to do is choose which and how many tickets you want to play, up to a maximum of 4. Simply click on the tickets you wish to buy and they’ll become highlighted. When you feel confident you’ve chosen the right tickets, simply click the BUY TICKETS button and then either click each panel to reveal yourself, or hit the REVEAL button for a more instantaneous result.

Top Hat

As if it wasn’t easy enough to win in Big Top Bucks, there’s also an added bonus of being able to multiply your win by a staggering amount – if you come across the right symbol. The mega symbol is none other than the ring master’s Top Hat. Match the hat symbol 3 times in your game and you could win the jackpot of £1,000 – from spending as little as 25p! Let’s hope your luck is in!