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6 Cards Bingo


Do you go bananas for Bingo? Well then check out 6 Cards Bingo. Here you can get your daubing fix by playing a classic game of 85 ball bingo that comes with a fun twist.

Six Cards Bingo has a rather interesting sci-fi themed design. This is shown by the bingo ball generating device that resembles a futuristic contraption with its various pipes and the pulsating laser noise it makes when it deals out balls at near light speed.

The payout table is a particular favourite as you can spend hours firing out balls and watching the counter keep track of where you stand within the various cash prize elements. If you enjoyed watching these balls bounce about and you want more, then check out Captain Keno.

How to Play

You don’t need to be handy with a dauber to win some serious cash with 6 Cards Bingo; gameplay is the same as in 85 ball Bingo, but with a unique twist. You’re given 6 cards, each with a random range of numbers between 1 and 85; these are then marked off when their matching counterparts are called out. The twist here is instead of trying to match all your numbers to win a large cash prize, you have to try and match up the least amount of numbers as possible. The less numbers you match, the bigger your cash prize will be.

There’s a fair amount of gameplay customisation available as you can alter the amount you’re wagering on each round by hitting the green up or down arrows in the ‘Stake’ section to increase or decrease your wager. Using this option will give you an overall wager range of between 50p and £50 for each round.

Also, if you don’t like the numbers on the 6 cards you were given, you can easily swap them out by hitting the ‘New Cards’ button to receive another random set of 6 cards. If the balls are coming out too slowly for your liking then hit the ‘Turbo’ button to speed them up. A great addition to the game is that also uses a small counter underneath the paytable that will track how many balls out of the 85 it fires out have been matched against your cards.

Bingo Ball Payouts

The Paytable in this game is a great feature as it will show you how much you’ll win for landing a set amount of Bingo balls at each bet level. For example, if you play the game at the base bet of 50p per turn and you match the minimal amount of between 15 and 30 balls, you’ll receive the top jackpot prize of £10,000. The more matches you get, the more this prize pool will decrease; so, if you were to match the maximum number of 85 balls, you’d end up with a prize of just 10p. No matter how high or low you bet, if you match less than 40 balls you’ll always receive a capped prize of £10,000.