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Wheel of Light Roulette

About Wheel of Light

Roulette is a game that everyone knows; those iconic spinning reels in the dark of a casino! There are now countless digital variances of the game, but one game that’s looking to refresh and turn this genre on its head is Wheel of Light!

Wheel of Light may be a strange game to look at, but it’s incredibly fun to play! Its control scheme is simplistic and nice to interact with, and it doesn’t require any extensive planning or strategizing. Instead you just pick a chip, place it down in one of the few spaces and then spin! If you enjoyed this game then why not check out similar treats such as European Roulette.

How to Play

Wheel of Light is straightforward to play and its mechanics are the same as ordinary Roulette. However, unlike ordinary Roulette, instead of a ball and a spinning reel, the goal is to wager where you think the spinning light will stop around the non-moving wheel. Bets in this game can be set using the varying chip amounts, with the chips themselves ranging from 0.10 pence to 0.25 pence chips. The maximum wager you can make on this game at any one time is £560. You can bet anywhere you like by simply selecting a chip amount and dropping it on a number or section of the wheel. Once you’re happy with your bet, just click the large circular button to start the light spinning.

Ways to Wager

One of the best things about Roulette is the different ways in which you can wager on the wheel. In Wheel of Light you may not have a large standard casino table, but you can still place bets on the specific numbers, ‘Odd’s or Evens’ and ‘Hi’ or ‘Lo’ numbers.

An unusual addition to this game is the colour wheel; this bright little rainbow stands in for a range of numbers on the wheel that you can wager on. The blue section stands in for 1-7, the orange is 8-21, the green is 22-26, and the red is 27-30. Like the table version, you can also wager on a number gradient, but instead of the usual twelve sets, you are instead given a different list of numbers consisting of 1-5, 6-13, 14-16, 17-23, and finally 24-30. These sit in a sub-section underneath the colour wheel.

The Odds

One of the best things about betting on a Roulette wheel is the different payout odds that each section has, and Wheel of Light has its own set of unique payout odds which are considerably better than a standard Roulette table! The individual numbers, for example, have payout odds of 30x your original bet, should the light stop on your chosen number.

The colour wheel has its own specific odd multiplier amounts: the blue has 4.28x, the orange 2.14x, the green 6.00x, and the red 7.50x. The sub-section of numbers have 6.00x for the 1-5, 3.75x for 6-13, a massive 10.00x for 14-16, 4.28x for 17-23, and also 4.28x for 24-30. Finally, the ‘Hi’, ‘Lo’, ‘Even’ and ‘Odds’ all have a 2.00x multiplier attached to them, so no matter how you wager or where, you’ll still land yourself quite a substantial sum of money on this game.