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La Partage Roulette

About La Partage Roulette

Roulette is a game that’s can be overlooked on some online casinos – perhaps because people assume it won’t be as fun as spinning on a slot or as brilliant as bingo!? If that’s you, we’ve got the Roulette game to change your mind. Get ready to play La Partage Roulette!

La Partage Roulette offers players quite the premier experience, with smooth jazz music playing in the background, serenading you as you sit and contemplate what to wager on next. The wheel lazily spins just out of shot, tempting you to try again. Even the board of the game is styled with luxuriously smooth looking velvet.

It all adds to that special VIP atmosphere, as you’re made to feel like the most important person at the table, like a high roller at your own personal table. A nice addition to this game is that when you hit spin you’re shown a brilliant cinematic of the wheel spinning. This all happens in a separate window, with the area the ball lands on being shown on a special board on the right hand side of the screen. For more Roulette treats, you may like Roulette Deluxe: (Insert URL here)

How to Play

The goal of the game is to wager where you think the ball is going to land after the wheel has stopped spinning. Gameplay is pretty straightforward: simply select a bet chip of varying size and then place it on a section of the onscreen board that corresponds with a number or colour you think the ball will stop on.

Wagers can be set as low as 0.01 pence or as high as £25 per individual chip bet. You can also instantly double up all your bets at once using the ‘Double’ option or if you want to re-use your previous strategy, select ‘repeat’ to put all your chips down on the chip spaces you used on the previous round. Once you’ve selected your bet, just hit ‘Submit’.

Ways to Wager

One of the best things about Roulette is the vast number of different ways in which you can place your bet. For example, you could wager on red or black, on the first set of twelve numbers, on the second set, or even the third set – and it doesn’t stop there! You could bet that the ball may stop on an odd or even number, you could focus on just one number, or try a scatter gun approach and bet on multiple numbers across the board.

If you’re still unsure of a strategy to use, then why not take advantage of the miniature table at the top of the board – a handy addition that contains a set of pre-displayed areas of the board to wager in. They go by the rather aptly named Serie 5/8, ORPH, Serie 0/2/3 and ZERO. But if these still don’t appeal to you, use the ‘Special’ sub-menu to pick from a pre-programmed list of famous betting strategies such as Red Splits or Finale Plein.

A nice addition to this game is that the browser will tell you payout percentages of the ‘Odd’ and ‘Even’ numbers plus what specific numbers are considered to be ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ – meaning which numbers have been paying out the most and which haven’t.

The Odds

A nice touch to the Roulette wheel is that every betting area has its own payout odds. For example wagering on ‘Red or Black’ and ‘Odd or Even’ will land you payout odds of only 1:1. The twelve sections on the board have odds of 2:1 But the biggest return comes from betting on one single number, as the payout odds are ’35:1’. The payout odds decrease with every additional number that you wager on, so the trick is to try and find that happy medium of risk versus return!