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French Roulette

About French Roulette

Do you think you have that ‘je ne sais quois’? Always fancied yourself as a bit of a James Bond, old-school casino type? Well why not have a go at French Roulette, a slot game that gives you the casino feel from the comfort of your own home.

French Roulette is just one of the variants of roulette you’ll find in any given casino or gaming website. It has 37 coloured and numbered pockets, with just a single 0, as opposed to the American version which has 38 and a double 0. In this dazzling little slot game, you’ll find the roulette wheel casually spinning away at the back of the table, as you look onto what looks like real live casino table, complete with chairs and patterned carpet underneath.

This slot really does give you a lifelike experience of a roulette game in a casino. If you’re a fan of roulette, you should also check out the European Roulette game with its high-quality 3D animation.

How to Play

Play this online French Roulette game just as you would on a real casino floor. Firstly, select the size of chips you would like to bet, then choose to put your chips down in a variety of ways, depending on how risky or lucky you are feeling! Once you have chosen a bet that you’re happy with, simply click SPIN. Then you can sit back and watch the ball spin round the wheel – fingers crossed it lands on a lucky number!

Ways to Bet

You can, of course, bet like they do in movies, choosing simply a single number and colour. This is by far the most high risk bet, but usually provides the highest of returns. If you want to hedge your bets more, simply click a single colour – meaning you’ll win if the ball lands on any number of the colour you bet on (black or red). Contrastingly, you’ll have the option to place a bet on either odds or evens, meaning that if the ball lands on 24 for example, and you’ve chosen evens, you’ll get a return regardless of the colour.

Again, a more encompassing bet is to place your chips on Manque, which covers the lower 18 numbers on the wheel or similarly Passe, which covers the higher 18 numbers on the wheel, regardless of colour. If you fancy betting something more in between, you can choose to bet on a line of numbers, as they appear on the casino table. You’ll have the option of three different lines to pick from. Similarly, the table is also grouped into three sections, each with 12 squares in. You can elect to choose one of these groups, if you feel that the numbers in one group look a bit luckier than the rest.