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European Roulette

About European Roulette

Come on down and pretend you’re in a swanky Vegas casino – but all from the comfort of your own home! No suits or cigars required when playing this highly realistic 3D European Roulette game.

As this little number is a European Roulette casino game, it has a single zero and follows the rules of the European version of the game. The exciting thing about this casino favourite is its 3D interface, which sets it apart from the more basic online roulette versions available, with its traditional set up and interactive spinning wheel taking centre stage in the game.

The high quality graphics and animations will have you lost inside this genuine feeling game for hours. The dealer even talks to you as if you were in a real casino. So put the chips down and place your bets – you might win big in this casino caper! If you’re a fan of casino style online games, why not try La Partage roulette once you’ve mastered European Roulette?

How to Play

Playing European Roulette is pretty similar to playing in an actual casino, thanks to its advanced interface. Firstly, you’ll want to select your chip size, which you can do by selecting one of the various coloured chip options on the right hand side of the game. Then choose how you wish to spend your chips. Everything is clearly labelled and laid out before you, so making your bet is really easy. Go for a specific number and colour combination by selecting along the top section, or simply select evens/odd or red/black (or a combination like red and evens). If you fancy making your bet a little broader, use the panel at the side to make an outside bet. Choose from either one of the low 18 numbers or the latter high 18 numbers coming up. This will generally have worse odds but a better chance of paying out.

The game has a handy paytable function, so if you’re new to roulette or your maths is a bit rusty, you can easily find out how much each bet is worth. The game also allows multiple bets to be made, giving you more chances to win.


People often seek to employ strategy in casino games, particularly in roulette. It is important to remember that European Roulette is a game mainly based on luck, and generally the house edge is quite high, so you shouldn’t go in expecting to win every time. And nor will this really be possible, as the game cannot be predicted on past results, Fibonacci sequences or anything else. The best strategy to employ is to stay within your budget and know when to give up.